Monday, June 25, 2007

Some of my poisons

Junkfood Ts
Alannah Hill outfits
Lulu bags
Japanese food
Wagyu steak
Vintage watches

Really, really meant to work tonight. But Terence asked me check out the watch shop which his brother Gary has been raving about. So between work and watches? A girl needs to prioritise.

I've heard a bit about Passions even before this, but never had the chance to visit the shop. He asked me to check out an Omega watch on sale. OK, looked at it. Bleh. Not my type. Rolex? Nah, nothing I really like... Chopard? Hmm... ok.

Then I spied the Hamiltons:
A. Hamilton PlatinumCirca 1950s with 54pcs diamonds
B. Hamilton 10K White Gold with 8 Diamonds

Here's my checklist for "the" watch I'd love to own:
1. Does it have diamonds? (Yes)
2. Is it a vintage watch? (Yes)
3. Art deco design preferred. (Yes)

Obviously Item A is the preferred item. But pocket book for this month is pointing to Item B.

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