Monday, April 16, 2007

I love my bickies!

30 Mar 2007, Day 6: On the way back to Perth, Terence wanted to invite the Tays over for dinner. Popped into Coles and bought all that we needed even before we knew if they could make it. Called them as we neared Perth (they said yes!), found our way back, and Terence cooked pasta. Kai's had his dinner already, but we gave him a rusk which he was only too happy to have. Check out his cheeky, happy smile.

It was really nice catching up with the Tays. Our holidays together have always been a rough-it-out type of vacation, which we all miss.

Tasting note: Terence cooks a mean lamb chops and pasta. The lamb chops is always nicely charred on the outside and red on the inside. *Drool drool drool*


Anonymous said...

Yeah, Kai looks really naughty here! Like he's done something he shouldn't have...heh.


Anonymous said...

good to know that little Kai can just watch you guys eat!!! i've heard of babies who PROTEST and want to be fed as much too! :-) kjj

Khay Mun said...

Oh... I think that's because he hasn't sampled what we're eating yet!!!


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