Thursday, April 05, 2007

Baby poop and food

27 Mar 2007, Day 3: Next vineyard on the list was Brookeland Valley Vineyards. Tasting note: Real reason for visiting this was to have lunch at its Flutes Restaurant, which has a fantastic view of the lake and the vineyard. If I recall correctly, I think its Chardonnay was nice, but we weren't crazy about it.

In addition to a peckish, snort-filled, and coughing baby, he started giving out volumnious amount of wet, stinky poo that squeezes out from the back of his diapers if you're not careful, twice to three times a day. We learned the art of changing diapers in really weird locations. (I once changed him on a stage in a Mexican restaurant in Fremantle, Perth because it didn't have a baby changing room.) I also discovered that the vineyards have really nice, well equipped baby changing room. (Bless their souls!)

Anyhow, Kai left his mark in this restaurant. Somehow, as I carried him up to go to the changing room, one drop of poop popped out from his diaper and landed on the floor.

Here's him and Terence before the lovely incident.

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