Friday, March 23, 2007

Making faces

Picture courtesy of Joy Tang

Brought him to the office, and Swensen's for lunch with the girls. He made faces, and Chien Way taught him how to shake his head. He copied her!
I'm quite tired from all the travelling today:
1. Sent him to mom-in-law's in the morning
2. Drove to office thereafter
3. Drove to pick him up at mom-in-law's (about 1050hrs)
4. Drove back to the office thereafter
5. Drove him back to mom-in-law's (about 1425hrs)
6. Locked up office, drove off to Bukit Batok Ave 4 to buy curry fish head dinner
7. Drove home to have dinner
I think the outing was well worth it though. Chien Way and Joy really wanted to see him again.

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