Monday, March 19, 2007

My biggest blessings

It's been a tough three weeks.

I was getting worn down by the house hunting, real estate agents, viewings, peak hour traffic, deadlines, car problems, cat's puke, and fighting with the irritating photocopier sales person. I hardly have time to see Kai in the evening and over the weekend because of all the viewings packed back-to-back. And there's always a problem to deal with. They keep multiplying like cockroaches, and no matter how hard you whack them, they keep coming back.
But after reading Corinne's blog on Daniel Pearl, and listening to Phil Collins' "Another day in paradise" on the radio, I should count myself lucky though things have not been great lately. A loving husband, adorable son, supportive family, wonderful friends, and a company that's growing.
Things don't seem all that bad now.
Housing update: Yes, we're moving back to the East to be nearer to Terence's mom. There's a chance our hunt will be over by this Friday. But with my shitty luck, something's bound to happen.


Cory said...

that's the thing about selling/buying house - all these viewings, visits to the lawyer, the bank, the signings. then comes the packing, the moving, the unpacking. and in between, there's kai.

but it'll pass :) hope u sell the house soon :)

Khay Mun said...

OMG. You just reminded me... there's the lawyers to deal with. URGH!!!

Ujin & Sharon said...

We just moved a well, though it is to a rental place but the headache was almost as bad! And the move... 119 boxes... a personal record. U-Jin

Anonymous said...

hi! glad to see that you're moving closer to the baby support centre. does that mean your car is up for sale too? *cheesy grin* happy house hunting!!! - johju


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